Styling Your New Apartment!

One Upland’s most popular apartment style feature bonus “nooks”, which make the perfect spot for anything from extra storage to a mini-man cave to a nursery to a home office!

What makes our community so great is that every resident has their own style and needs, and for most of us those priorities are constantly evolving. Though your tastes(or needs) may change, you will always find good use for a spare room… especially our nook!

The Newborn

nook nursery


Surprise! Your cozy apartment for two has a noisy new roommate! Luckily for you, our nook transitions perfectly for a nursery! We love the Luna crib by Pottery Barn Kids, which easily adapts as your child grows.  Add a colorful throw rug, a comfy rocking chair, and a basket of vintage children’s books to finish off the space.


The 20-Something Post Grad

Living in an apartment, you learn to make the most of every inch of space. Our nook is the ideal spot to cram for those grad school finals! We’re obsessed with this desk/bookshelf combo from Boston Interiors. Display your hard earned swim team trophy, the souvenirs from your semester abroad or photos from that fateful Halloween party alongside your text books for a chic study spot!

The Newlyweds

Cohabitation is hard! Get a little bit of “me” time, and set up the nook as a Man Cave or NBA (No Boys Allowed) Room.  Go ahead and treat yourself to a giant TV, a plush velvet loveseat, a secret-stash wine fridge, or that life-size cut out of Tom Brady – we won’t judge!


The Career (Wo)Man

home office nook


More and more companies are offering work from home incentives to their employees, which means you have an excuse to turn your nook into a really gorgeous home office. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in here, so make sure you choose wisely – be comfortable, but not TOO comfortable! Painting your walls a pale blue has been proven to increase productivity and focus. Sherwin Williams’ “Glimmer” is one of our favorites.



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