Explore Craft Beer in Norwood!

One of our favorite local amenities to explore is Castle Island Brewery, located just off of Astor Avenue in Norwood. The 20,000 square foot industrial area, conveniently located minutes from Route 1, provides the brewery with ample space for brewing, distributing and event tastings. This local gem offers any beer lover the authentic craft brew experience, with tours of the facility available on Thursdays and Fridays (3pm and 4pm) and Saturdays (1, 2, 3, and 4pm).

The coming weekend is a perfect time to sample the  brewery’s most popular suds; Candlepin, hoppy seasonal ale; Keeper, an American IPA; and TBD, a hoppy American Stout.

To make a true craft beer definition is difficult, though according to the Brewers Association, “an American craft brewer is small, independent and traditional. Small: Annual production of beer less than 2 million barrels. Beer production is attributed to a brewer according to the rules of alternating proprietorships.” Each craft beer brand is uniquely one of a kind and brewed to perfection. Of course, one of the best things about visiting a local brewery is not only the freshness and quality of the product, but giving yourself the opportunity to support small businesses right in your own community, which is pretty neat! The rising popularity of of craft brewing in the U.S. helps provide jobs and support the local economy.

Says Castle Island founder Adam Romanow, “We quickly came to learn what an amazing town Norwood is for small businesses. The political climate is great, it’s an easy town to work with, and the residents are phenomenally supportive of local business. At this point I honestly can’t imagine Castle Island anywhere else – we love it here!”

Be sure to pick up an extra growler and try some of these unique recipes from Cooking Light: http://www.cookinglight.com/entertaining/wine/recipes-with-beer

To schedule a tour, simply call or visit the Castle Island Brewery website. Be sure to like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember to bring a designated driver along, and ask them to stop by One Upland, conveniently located just minutes from Castle Island! Our outdoor fire pits, pool and community green are ideal spots to relax with a cold craft brew this season.