Decorating with Flowers

Decorating with flowers is an easy and effective way to insert color and cheer into your home, and at a low cost too! Excited to add a little glam to your life? There’s no need to wait for a special occasion – any day will do.

Where to Buy Your Blooms

You don’t have to find a florist to score fresh cuts. Pop by your local farmer’s market, or try the floral department at the nearest Whole Foods or Roche Bros. supermarkets. Avoid bunches where the flowers have all “popped” and opt for tighter buds to get a longer-lasting bouquet.  To determine freshness, lightly squeeze the base of your rose – firm is good. For hydrangeas, lightly bounce the palm of your hand on the bloom – the bouncier the better! Filler flowers like Queen Anne’s Lace, Alstroemeria and Asters are often less than $5 per bunch, and will round out your home bouquet nicely.

decorating with flowers 3

Creating your Arrangement

There’s really nothing easier than plopping flowers in a vase and calling it a day, but if you’re looking for a little bit more of a decorating challenge, we have some ideas to take that supermarket bouquet to the next level!

  • Trim all the leaves off of your flowers. Make it easy on yourself, and order a thorn stripper, or rose stem cleaner, from Amazon (we are devoted to Prime).  Leaves in the water will create bacteria, which in turn kills that beautiful bouquet faster.
  • Choose your vessel. Flowers can be artfully arranged in an old coffee can, a hollowed out pineapple, or even a recycled wine bottle!
  • Fill your vase of choice with TEPID WATER. Never, ever place flowers in cold water – you will shock them! Room temperature water will do the trick, or warm water (think baby bathwater) will help those tight buds bloom wide open.
  • Build a bunch in your hand, and once you have the desired look, use a bread tie, rubber band, or spare hair elastic to keep your stems in line. Once this is done, use a sharp pair of scissors to clip the stems.

decorating with flowers 2

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your decorating! If fresh flowers aren’t in your budget or you’re crunched for time, try an artful arrangement of fresh herbs in a pretty glass. This trick does double duty; herbs can be plucked to flavor your dinner, AND the aroma of the fresh basil, rosemary, dill or mint will lend a clean and energetic scent to your home.