Crock-Pot Comfort Food

Here in New England, the winters are LONG, and the days are short… at least where sunshine is concerned! If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to do at the end of a long work day is start cooking dinner. While those take-out menus are appealing, there’s a healthier (and cheaper!) way for you to feel like a domestic diva AND get the comfort food you’re craving.

Step 1: Invest in the Right Tools

Treat your kitchen (and yourself) to a Crock Pot! This kitchen staple hit the scene in the ’70s, but is still a top seller today, and appears on wedding registries across the nation.  This programmable one is our favorite; it even comes with a mini version, which is awesome for whipping up spinach-artichoke dip to tote to your next book club meeting!

Portrait Of Female Friends Enjoying Pre Dinner Drinks


Step 2: Choose your Recipe

There are thousands of delicious recipes to choose from, whether you peruse Pinterest, pull from magazines like Bon Appetit or Cooking Light, or prefer to stick to good old-fashioned hand-me-downs on a flour-dusted index card. We’ll share one of our favorite tested Crock-pot recipes with you below! Once you have your grocery list, there are plenty of great markets nearby to choose from. We’re suckers for fresh veggies!

man grocery shopping roche bros

Step 3: Sit Back and Relax!

The beauty of your new Crock-pot is that once you throw those key ingredients in the pot, you are free to head to the office, hit the gym, or binge-watch OA.  In a few hours, the apartment will be filled with the aroma of a delicious home-cooked dinner, and you get to accept all the credit with none of the work!

couple watching tv


Indulge: One Upland’s Favorite Crock-Pot Pick!

Everyone in the One Upland leasing office loves this delicious and healthy recipe from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook for Turkey Meatballs! These can be served about a million ways; stuff 3 into a sub roll with a slice of melted provolone for the ultimate meatball sub, or keep it clean and serve atop a bowl of zucchini and carrot “noodles” for a fit and filling dinner. All that’s left to do is pass the wine!

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