Boston Strong, Norwood Strong

Everyone in Massachusetts was affected by the events of April 15, 2013. It is not a date we will soon forget, and them images and impact will stay in our hearts forever.  In the face of such a shocking tragedy, Bostonians banded together, creating a powerful chain of support. #BostonStrong became our battle cry, a symbol of hope and strength in our community.  Recently, Mayor Marty Walsh declared, “April 15 is a date that has come to stand for our city’s deepest values, and we continue to be amazed by the spirit of the day, in the City, and around the world.’’  To keep the spirit alive, Mayor Walsh has proclaimed April 15 to be One Boston Day, an annual tradition encouraging random acts of kindness and goodwill throughout our community.  Use the hashtag #OneBostonDay to share how you are honoring the holiday in and around Norwood!

The Boston Strong tribute on Commonwealth Avenue.

Of course, one way to show your Boston pride is to lace up your sneakers, stretch and head towards the finish line!  Every year thousands of athletes and spectators flock to the city for the annual Boston Marathon. There are tons of events in and around Boston to enjoy this weekend.

The race begins in Hopkinton, Massachusetts from 9-11:15 AM. The course itself runs through 26 miles, 385 yards of winding roads through Route 135, Route 16, Route 30 and city streets into the center of Boston, where the official finish line is located at Copley Square, along the Boston Public Library. Spectators may watch the race from the sidelines. The city of Boston ensures all spectators and participants safety. By heightening its security measures the city is really insisting all spectators and participants adhere to race policies. For more information regarding the marathon, events, start times, please visit:

Coach Jenny Hadfield of Runner’s World Magazine offers 11 tips to help runners work towards their goal. Check out: to learn some successful tips to being a successful marathon runner. Or even if you just run for exercise in your leisure time, the tips certainly help one improve their training methods.

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